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June 15, 2020
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October 11, 2020
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Email, and spam issues. Oh My!

Email problems?

Some clients need the basics but they need it to work well. Other clients need to be able to attach 100mb file and send it to someone across the world. So as much as Email is used in today’s world it is never a one size fits all issue.

If your company has 1 employee or 10,000 everyone needs to be able to effectively use and access email.
Methods most people use to access email vary but in most cases they are:

  • Phone
  • Desktop Computer
  • Laptop
  • Tablet

Since the technology and software on each of these differ greatly then the user needs to also be able to access Email on the internet directly in some cases. Webmail is a simple interface that gives the user the ability to access the messages they need in a user-friendly way – directly on a website. SPAM is something we have all experienced. It is the junk mail and unwanted and inexplicable stream of nonsense that gets sent from all over the world.

SPAM sending makes up over 89% of email sent.

Weak passwords, website infections and more can cause your email to be used for SPAM purposes and you can – and may have ended up on an Email Blacklist. Your domain name and host may be blacklisted from being trusted with normal email usage. This can directly affect your company from doing business in the modern world.

At CD Creative we offer custom options for your Email needs, both to transfer your existing email to a new host and to help manage your accounts when needed.

  • Email Storage
  • Email Migration (Transfer to new hosting)
  • Email Username and Password Setup
  • Strong Password Recommendations
  • SPAM settings, training users to clear spam

.Have you already been blacklisted on your domain name? Contact us for help!