22 years experience in Web Technologies, from design, programming, live and recorded media, server administration, custom solutions and problem solving. No Project is too big or too small.

—  We have worked in the field of Web Design and Server Administration since 1998, and has been the Chief Technical Officer for a Ministry in Ireland for over 10 years before returning to the USA. There, he specialized in server technologies as well as PHP Development and Multimedia Technology. We take Web Hosting and Server Security very seriously, constantly researching the latest technologies and employing them after finding the best ones. We often manage several projects at a time, thrive in client relations, and everyone we works with understands how honest we are and appreciates this about us. Our top client is a web design firm in Houston Texas where we assist as Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Project Manager, and customer support.

Project Manager, Programming, Development, Server Admin, Client Relations, All hours tech support, Onsite Tech Support, Manage Development Team, PHP, .Net, JScript, WordPress, Joomla, Environment setup, Laravel, Magento. Love working with charities, small businesses, church and ministry organizations as well as Oil and Gas companies for tech support and web solutions.

Experience in many platforms

—   Experience is Key to Real Working Knowledge

Full time web development for primary and associated charity organizations in Europe, Asia, Africa and USA. HTML, PHP, Joomla, WordPress, Jscript, Server Admin, email server development, live streaming platform administration, Adobe Flash Server. TV Media Development, Project Management and solutions for organizations around Europe. Radio Management Training, and online radio streaming. 13 years and many projects.

From Hardware to Software and everything in-between

—   CD Creative can help with boots on the ground to tackle every job and every need in the technical umbrella

With experience as Full time audio, lighting, web development, programming and more for charity organization in Galway Ireland. Product Development, graphic design, media archiving and live media streaming. HTML, JScript, PHP, Quicktime, RealPlayer, Flash Media. 3 years.